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National Security: On Wisconsin

Joe Boyles: Guest Columnist In all of my travels, I have never visited the state of Wisconsin.  Someday, I hope to rectify that omission.  I’ve always admired the fight song of the university, “On Wisconsin.”  I would label that music as iconic.  I do know that the Badger state played a crucial role in the November election. You might recall that a half dozen mid-western states including Wisconsin formed the famous “blue wall” of support that propelled Democrats to victory.  In fact, before November 8, the last time a Republican…

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Christian Concepts: A theology from reading the Bible

Gary B. King: Guest Columnist A strict etymological definition of theology means the study of God. That can be a little misleading because it is not like biology, which is the study of life. What I mean by that is we can’t put God under a microscope for a closer look. Everyone has a theology, that is, everyone has given some thought to the idea of God’s existence and what that means to him or her. Even an atheist has a theology, he believes there is no God, and that…

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H4: Head, Heart, Hands, & Health

Becky Bennett Congratulations!  We’ve successfully navigated the first month of 2017!  As we rounded out 2016, we were exploring stress management techniques for our youth, families, and ourselves.  Have you been able to be mindful of keeping your stress in check?  Have you noticed your efforts rubbing off on those around you, especially your kids?  Remember “Learn By Doing” is not just the 4-H slogan, it’s the most successful method for breaking bad habits and building new ones.  Managing stress is often a trigger habit to help you and your…

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Conservative Corner: Making his mark!

Nelson A. Pryor: Guest Columnist Within days, Senator Jeff Sessions should be confirmed as attorney general of these united States. Nominated by President Donald Trump, for attorney general, the seventy year old can only be stopped by the U. S. Senate. Florida’s two U. S. Senators, Bill Nelson, and Marco Rubio, have the final word on that confirmation. Who is the Senator? He is a rock-ribbed conservative. He was forged in the deep poverty and isolation of rural Alabama, sharpened during 16 years as a federal prosecutor and state attorney…

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