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From the sunny side… Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc. Everyone needs a day in which they feel “special.” For most, that is a birthday or perhaps an anniversary, or any other such day that holds significant meaning. For anyone celebrating such an occasion, my best wishes of the day. For me, St. Patrick’s Day has always been a special day. It has always been a day in which my mind takes a trip back to my Irish roots. The exact family history on that is a little blurry, but the story I was told…

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How to retire well!

Jerry Osteryoung: Guest Columnist “Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes Retiring is not a subject people normally discuss over dinner. It is particularly difficult for entrepreneurs and executives, many of whom do not accept the notion that their organizations can exist without them. This is because, in their minds, the fact that their organizations can do without them means their contributions must not have been significant. If they stay in the business and do not retire, however,…

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Celebrate National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, an observation launched in 1973 to bring attention to the American public of the impact good nutrition has on our health and well-being.  To celebrate the monthly observance, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has adopted the theme, “Put Your Best Fork Forward.”   This year, Americans are encouraged to make small changes one forkful at a time. UF/IFAS Extension Service has always been a part of the educational effort for National Nutrition Month. Understand, the food we eat has a tremendous impact on our…

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Art of the Deal

Following Donald Trump’s surprising presidential victory last November, I decided to know more about this political newcomer.  I thought a good place to start was the book he wrote with Tony Schwarz thirty years ago, “The Art of the Deal,” (Ballantine Books, 1987).  Many political figures write books to launch their presidential run.  This best-seller was written decades before Mr. Trump entered the political arena when he was just 40. Some of the book is autobiographical.  Fred Trump, his father, was a real estate entrepreneur in Queens.  Donald followed in…

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