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Mosquito budget gets bit

Budget cutbacks have been detrimental to mosquito control programs throughout the state of Florida. Our neighbors in Jefferson County are facing the possibility of canning their program altogether, as Jefferson County Mosquito Control is now without a home. The program’s director, Kim Albritton, was forced to confront the Jefferson County Commission at their April 7 meeting and seek a solution– either the county coughs up funding or the program dies. Conversation included the possibility of another department, possibly the fire or sheriff’s department taking on the task; one present at…

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Still singing the blues – Blue Bell Ice Cream recall expanded

So far, 2015 has been a Rocky Road for Blue Bell. The 108-year-old ice cream company out of Brenham, Texas, has had to contend with listeria contamination cropping up in several of its products. Earlier this year, the CDC found a rare strain of listeria contamination in single-serving ice cream products very similar to the rare strain that caused listeriosis sickness in five patients in a Kansas hospital. Three deaths resulted. The strains were found in three product lines from a single machine in the company’s Brenham, Texas plant. Blue…

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Florida Department of Health in Madison County addresses county health rankings

The Florida Department of Health in Madison County recognizes the value in measuring health outcomes and, today, acknowledged the sixth annual County Health Rankings & Roadmaps tool released by the University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This study highlights the many community factors that influence health and uses established data, much of which is available from the department at “With the release of the County Health Rankings, it is a great opportunity to educate our community to help raise awareness about the many factors that influence…

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The benefits of walking

Walking has many benefits, according to the American Heart Association. Taking a deliberate walk on a regular basis is often the first step to weight loss. While many feel reluctant to begin an exercise routine, no one should hesitate about walking, assuming a basic health beginning point. Researchers agree that regular walking is often the first step to a more thorough exercise program. Regular walking also reduces the onset of Type Two Diabetes in those people predisposed to the disease. Walking apparently has an overall positive affect on the blood…

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