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Letter To The Editor: Don’tcha Just Love Thoughts Of You Getting Older?

Ms. Kirsters Baish; well now, for a group that claims that they care so very much for others the Left doesn’t seem to mind when one of their own shares her beliefs on killing the elderly. Katie Hopkins, a Liberal TV personality who was on the show The Apprentice, made the shocking statement. “The elderly are simply a burden to society, and that isn’t going to change”. She then stated, “Killing them off is the only way to solve this issue”. Her suggestion? “Communities should go around in “euthanasia vans.”…

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Letter To The Editor: So now we are gangsters???

The profession I love, sacrificed for, and have been an active part of for over 30 years has recently been referred to as klansmen, skinheads, and now gangsters by people who “serve”… often serve themselves… in political office. I started my law enforcement career during the first 3 ½ years of my 10 years in the U.S. Army. During that time, I served as a Military Policeman and Military Police Investigator before spending the remaining 6 ½ years with the 1st Ranger Battalion and as a Scout/Sniper, Pre-Ranger instructor, and…

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Letter To The Editor: An open letter from the sheriff

To The Board of County Commissioners: This is to summarize past discussions and the current status of our efforts to fulfill the requirements of Senate Bill 7026, also referred to as the “Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act.” This bill, which was signed into law by Governor Scott on March 9, 2018, contains many mandates which affect our County. Many of the mandates affect the school district exclusively, however several include the Sheriff’s Office as well. One specific requirement of this law is that it mandates that a…

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Letter To The Editor: An open letter to District 3 School Board Member VeEtta Hagan

Lady? Let me tell you something about the deputies you so very much despise. I’ve been with, and have dealt with Deputies, Police, FBI, ATFE, for the greater part of my life. I watched a big burley cop, we all know the kind, cry openly. This cop was carrying a three-year-old child out of the home she had been tortured and finally killed in. The little girl had been at the emergency room two weeks prior for having cuffs midway to her elbows. Cuffs are “cop speak” for submersing the…

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