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Letter to the Editor… Eric Hearn letter

This is Eric Hearn (CRUZIN CARTS) and I came to Greenville to try to make a difference in the area. My thoughts were to bring some kind of business with the hopes to be a spurt of economic energy and other industry’s follow. First let me discuss the negative reaction I received from Greenville in full. We had a business here from 1997 to approx. 2007. We returned 2017 and I asked my wife to call Greenville to have the water turned on. She called back and advised me the…

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Letter to the Editor: Broken immigration court system must be fixed

Immigration cases are often life-or-death matters. Having practiced deportation defense for almost 20 years, I know first-hand that our immigration court system is deeply flawed. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently described immigration attorneys like “water seeping” around the law. Under his leadership, it is apparent that our broken immigration court system must be fixed immediately. Because our immigration courts and judges are not a part of the judiciary branch but are controlled by the Department of Justice and, in turn, the Attorney General, Mr. Sessions has chosen to exercise his…

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On a balmy, moonless Cuban night 58 years ago, I said a crying goodbye to my buddy and hero, my grandfather…it would be over a year before I would see him again. I was lucky; others would never see their loved ones again. He worked for an American company and was singled out to be arrested and possibly executed by a firing squad as an enemy of the revolution. He and two of his friends were going “Al Norte” he told me, and soon we would be joining him there….

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Letter To The Editor: Gwen Graham pledges to ban assault weapons by executive order

It was a debate that (once again) had Florida’s four leading Democratic gubernatorial candidates spending much of their time trying to define personas and opponents. However, on Saturday night in St. Petersburg, former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham broke through with a bold pledge, to ban assault weapons by executive order. Tomorrow is the 4th of July, where many of us will relax and grill something. I thought I would write and remind Ms. Graham that gun confiscation has been tried before with very little success. Gun Confiscation the hard way!…

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