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Letter To The Editor: Hard Truths

To the citizens of Madison County, I originally signed this letter with my full name. However, with my partner being an employee of the Madison County District School Board, we were in fear of their job. I do not want to hide behind a pseudonym, but we desperately need to keep my partner’s job. Even the small amount they make helps. I have lived in Madison County most of my life. Even when I have lived in other parts of these United States of America, this is where I call…

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Letter To The Editor: Anti Gun Kids

Kids walked out of school again last week, In memory of the Columbine and the Parkland shootings by two mentally disturbed youths. Unfortunately, these kids have no idea what is really going on in the US. There are very many deaths that can and should be stopped however Firearm deaths are very very low in comparison. We don’t ban the Automobile when deaths with automobiles happen like today in Toronto. We don’t ban fat foods when people die by being overweight. Please see the following causes of death in the…

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Letter to the Editor: AR-15/30-Round Magazines

As everyone should be aware, a lot of people have gone off half-cocked (no pun intended) as a result of the terrible South Florida shooting.  A number of people have a fundamental lack of knowledge and lack of understanding with regard to such types of mass shootings (4 or more fatalities).  Since Columbine in 1999, the vast majority of mass shootings have lasted no more than 10 minutes.  The Virginia Tech (Cho) shooting lasted 11 minutes; Sandy Hook (Adam Lanza) lasted 5 – 9 minutes; San Bernardino lasted 5 minutes;…

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Letter to the Editor: Help make a difference in Madison County

Like many across the Big Bend, I was delighted by the gentle flurry of snow earlier this month. Although I had read about the impending winter storm, to me, the possibility of snow sounded like wishful thinking. Thankfully, I was wrong. The next morning, I watched tiny snowflakes dance across my window and was filled with certainty that anything was possible. It’s a morning I won’t soon forget. That was my experience. However, for many across the Big Bend, their experience was far different. For those in our community who…

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