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Safe Haven

Joe Boyles One of the more difficult problems that any military faces is an enemy that has a safe haven or sanctuary which is off-limits to attack.  This is a significant problem with regard to our long-standing (now approaching 15 years) conflict in Afghanistan where the enemy (Taliban, ISIS and al-Qaeda) can retreat into Pakistan and regroup without fear of counter-attack. This was a huge problem during the Vietnam War a half century ago.  The border nations to the west, Laos and Cambodia, were off limits to our ground forces. …

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Unstructured time

Becky Bennett The lazy days of summer are upon us and that brings with it the all-important unstructured, “unsupervised” stretch of weeks for our youth.  Now, before you start to worry that your local youth development expert is losing her mind, let’s take a moment to explore the concepts of unstructured and unsupervised time. Think back to the other ten months of the year where our children are in school, extra-curricular activities, church, community programs, and the like.  Their days are planned down to the minute and we, as the…

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National Security: Monuments

Joe Boyles: Guest Columnist A national news story these days is how the City of New Orleans is removing, under the cover of darkness, four pieces of sculpture and monuments dedicated to the memory of Confederate leaders like Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee.  A new wave of political correctness and sensibility has demanded their removal, to the delight of some and horror to others. All of this causes me to ask several questions: are we trying to rewrite history, and are Madison’s historic monuments in danger?  And while I’m…

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Advocate’s Avenue… Man’s best friend or service dog? How about both?

Leslie McLeod Dogs are affectionately known as “Man’s Best Friend.” They are loyal, compassionate, and show unconditional love to their owners. Dogs are amazing creatures and can help ordinary people in extraordinary ways. For example, dogs are used to help law enforcement, fire and rescue departments, search and rescue missions, and the military. Dogs can be of service to those with health concerns, whether it is for diabetics, seizure alert, physical assistance needs, hearing impairment, assistance with guidance or therapy needs. Service dogs can enhance independence for children and adults…

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