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Your wealth of health… Prevent the flu

Emily Akers: Certified Personal Trainer

The flu season is in full swing and can be deadly. If you are around people who have the flu, there are several ways to prevent yourself from also getting it. One of the most obvious protections is the flu shot. Some people chose not to get it, while others swear by it. No matter what your preference is, there are other ways to avoid getting this serious illness.

1. Stay Healthy. Drinking plenty of fluids, getting plenty of rest, eating healthily, and exercising will all benefit you in this time. Doing this will keep your immune system up and will help you fight off infections before it progresses. Limiting your alcohol conumption will also help keep your immune system strong.

2. Wash your hands. This one is very important. When someone coughs on their hands, and then touches something else, it has now contaminated that object. If you happen to touch that item, like a doorknob, you could have just infected yourself. Washing your hands for at least thirty seconds will help to eliminate not only your germs but also germs that you may have picked up from someone else.

3. Supplements. Sometimes our immune system is not strong enough to fight off infections. If you use supplements with vitamins, or even herbs, these can help build your immune system. Some of the most popular ones are Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Echinacea, and some probiotics. While these are not all of the supplements, they are still beneficial. Talk to your doctor or search online for additional supplements. A multi-vitamin can help cover all of your basis.

One other thing to keep in mind is to cover your cough with the inside of your elbow, not your hands. Stay healthy, prevent the spread of germs and boost your immune system. The flu can be prevented, stay proactive.

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