Wounded Warrior Program

Last week I talked about the Shriners Hospitals. There is something else that is near and dear to my heart – The Wounded Warrior Program. Not to fear, long-time readers, I’m sure my cynical self shall return in the near future to amuse you with tales of how things are completely just ate up. But for now I’m feeling a bit altruistic, and would like to share another phenomenal group of people with you. The Wounded Warrior Program is an organization dedicated to helping wounded members of our armed forces. They deal in direct rehabilitation, counseling, and equipment needed by these Wounded Warriors. You may have seen something about them with some of the spots by Trace Adkins or Toby Keith. Maybe it touched you. I hope it did. I’m sure many readers know I am a Vet; perhaps that is why I hold this group so near and dear to me. I have seen some of these wounded warriors. I have had a hand in directly helping some of these men and women. There are people on this Earth who stepped in front of you and shielded you from danger. These are the people who took the wounds that were meant for you. When danger happens, most people head the other way. Some people head towards it. This type of person comes in various colors – firemen, police, paramedics, forestry, even tornado chasers. The majority of people go through their lives without watching someone standing beside them die, or knowing what a “near miss” feels like, or having to experience any of the other dozens of horrors these people face in their job. The reason we do not experience these things is because of the people who stand up in front of us. These people head directly into danger in order to protect life. Our military personnel packed up that life, left their family behind, and went somewhere else to defend you from that danger. The wounded warriors are the one that took the hit for us; they are the ones who did not make it back “in one piece” as the saying goes. But they did make it back. And now they need our help. Our US military personnel have stepped up and said, “Sleep easy. I have the watch. No one will harm you tonight.” These are the people I honor. The Wounded Warrior Project helps those who helped you. Giving to the WWP is my way of repaying the debt. For more information, go to ww w.HelpWWP.org 1-877-981-2233. www.ShrinersHospitalsForChildren.org 1-800-241-4438 or contact any of your local Shriners And as always… Think about it.

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