World News Jan. 17

Large Cockroach Crawls Inside Sleeping Man’s Ear
In Darwin, Australia, Hendrik Helmer awoke early last week with severe pain in one ear. Helmer, suspecting that something had crawled into his ear while he slept, tried using a vacuum cleaner to pull the creature out, but was unsuccessful, so he tried putting water in his ear to flush it out, which was also unsuccessful. Helmer’s roommate drove him to the hospital where a doctor put olive oil into his ear to encourage the insect out, but instead it moved further down Helmer’s ear canal. The doctor then used forceps to pull a cockroach, more than ¾ of an inch long, from Helmer’s ear and said they had never removed an insect that large from anyone’s ear before. Helmer said some of his friends have started sleeping with earplugs or headphones, but he has no plans of doing so.

Kenyan Man Awakes After Being Declared Dead
In Kenya, a man from Naivasha awoke in a morgue, 20 hours after he had been declared dead. Paul Mutora, 24, was admitted to a hospital in critical condition with pesticide poisoning as a result of an apparent suicide attempt. Mutora set off panic when he regained consciousness after hospital workers declared him dead and sent him to the morgue. Dr. Joseph Mburu, superintendent in charge of the hospital, said Mutora’s death-like condition may have been due to the drug used by the hospital to treat poisoning victims and said an investigation has been opened into how he was incorrectly declared dead.

Man Kills Landlord To Eat His Heart After Argument Over Chess Game
In Dublin, 34-year-old Sverio Bellante was arrested and charged with killing his 39-year-old landlord, Tom O’Gorman over a chess game. The two men had been involved in the game for a year, when an argument broke out over a move that ended in O’Gorman being stabbed dozens of times and having his chest cavity opened up so that Bellante could eat his heart. At the arraignment, Bellante offered no plea and when charged with murder he only said, “I am guilty.” A source from the investigation said, “The victim’s heart was intact but the post-mortem confirms that a lung was removed from the body and has not been located.”

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