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Woman arrested for biting Fred’s employees

A Madison woman was arrested at Fred’s after a physical altercation that left three with bite marks on Saturday, Sept. 26 at 5:08 p.m. According to the Madison Police Department report, Shermone Renee Gallon, 37, of Madison placed an item for purchase on the counter of Fred’s, located on U.S. Hwy 90. She pulled out a bag of coins and the cashier began counting the change. The cashier informed Gallon that she did not have enough money to make the purchase. Gallon demanded that the manager come and count the change. As the manager began counting the coins, Gallon accused the cashier of stealing her money. As the manager continued to count the change, Gallon grabbed the manager’s lanyard and pulled the woman towards her.

The manager told Gallon to let go of her but instead Gallon walked around the counter and pushed the manager. At this time, the cashier became trapped between the counter and the manager. Gallon and the manager continued to tussle. During the altercation, the manager received a bite to her left side. Gallon then turned to the cashier and bit her on the mouth. A customer, who had been witnessing the entire altercation, stepped in and tried to break up the fight. Gallon then turned and bit him on the wrist. According to the police report, Gallon then walked away and sat down on the ground. Gallon was arrested for aggravated battery and transported to the Madison County Jail.

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1. Shermone Renee Gallon

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