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Why isn’t Prayer Never Fails in theaters?

For all citizens concerned about not being able to find the Madison-filmed movie, Prayer Never Fails in theaters in Valdosta or Tallahassee can rest easy knowing that, no, they did not miss the chance to see the film in theaters.

The advertised date of Jan. 15 was not the AMC release date for the movie.

On Jan. 15, Prayer Never Fails was released to churches and other groups as a purchasable limited release showing before the DVD release.

According to the movie’s producers, AMC Theaters, the company that bought the right to release the movie in its own theaters, has set a separate release date of Feb. 12.

As of now, there has been no list made available on what theaters will feature the film on the new release date.

While you can be promised that your favorite action, horror or drama movie from Hollywood will be carried at the theater near you, smaller films such as Prayer Never Fails have to go through a different sort of guarantee in order to get to viewers.

Releasing films like Prayer Never Fails can be a liability for major theater companies simply because they may not be able to sell enough tickets in order to support the cost of running it.

Because of this, AMC may not release this smaller independent film into one of their theaters unless there is enough proof that the movie will bring in enough tickets to support it.

On Feb. 12, when the movie releases into AMC theaters, the theaters nearby may not even carry it simply because those theaters did not receive enough commitment to risk a possible loss by releasing it.

So what can the community do?  To bring Prayer Never Fails to a theater near Madison, the community must generate enough local interest to certify that the showing will not be a monetary loss for the theater company.

If anyone is interested in seeing the movie coming to a local theater and is willing to pledge to purchase tickets, go to and fill out the application requirements.  In order to reserve a theater for Prayer Never Fails, there must be enough local commitment in purchasing tickets.  The link will help interested groups or individuals pledge in advance to purchase tickets to the showing at a local AMC theater.

If enough tickets are pledged and the film’s producers are able to reserve a theater, applicants will be notified by email of where and when to complete the process and purchase their tickets.

For more information, contact Jessica Webb at A Main Street Reality by calling (850) 973-2221.

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