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Weekend arrest for aggravated battery

John Willoughby: Greene Publishing, Inc.

Edeja Green

Madison Police Department (MPD) responded to a call, in reference to a fight that resulted in an arrest for aggravated battery over the weekend.

According to a report by the MPD, Officer David Jarvis responded to Madison Heights Apartments on Sunday, Feb. 11, after receiving a call at approximately 6:12 p.m., about a fight in progress. Upon Officer Jarvis' arrival, he saw a small group of people fighting on a balcony. Officer Jarvis ran up the stairs, ordering for the people to stop fighting.

Once he arrived at the top balcony, Officer Jarvis broke up the fight. Officer Jarvis noticed that Isiah Gasper, 18, of Madison, was holding a towel over his right hand. Gasper explained that Eddeja Green, 21, of Madison, slammed his fingers in the door of Green's apartment and tore his fingers off. Gasper proceeded to remove the towel and revealed that the tip of his index and middle finger of his right hand had been torn off. Officer Jarvis immediately called for an ambulance and asked Sergeant Mashburn to come to the scene. Green said Gasper's fingers must have been torn off when she shut the door after Gasper left her apartment, not knowing. Green stated that she did not do it on purpose but Gasper stated otherwise. Officer Jarvis placed Green under arrest for aggravated battery.

Gasper stated that on Sunday, Feb. 11, at around 5:50 p.m., Green called out to him as he was walking by her door, asking him to come in so they could talk about an issue involving Green's significant other. Gasper stepped inside and Green locked the door behind him. Gasper asked what was wrong with Green and Green repeatedly asked him if he wanted to fight, jumping out toward him in an aggressive manner. Gasper stated that he refused to fight and every time he would unlock the door to leave, Green would lock it again. Gasper said there were younger kids in the apartment; and when they heard the noise, they came out of their rooms. Green told the kids to go back into their rooms and shut the door.

Gasper said that he tried to unlock the door again, and Green locked it back. Gasper then stated that he pushed Green out of the way, opened the door and walked out. As Gasper walked out, with his right hand still on the edge of the door, Green slammed the door; and in doing so, the door caught the end of Gasper’s fingers and tore them off.

Green was transported to the Madison County Jail without further incident and was charged with aggravated battery. She was released on Monday, Feb. 12, after posting a $2,000 bond. Gasper was transported to a hospital in Tallahassee for treatment for his injuries.

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