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April 8, 1949
Arthur Clark Smith, of Tallahassee, was elected principal of the Pinetta School for the 1949-1950 term at a meeting of the County Board of Education Wednesday. Mr. Smith is working on his Master of Arts Degree at Florida State University and will finish his course this summer. He is a native of Virginia and received his early education at Abingdon, Va. He is married and has three children.
Little Ella Mae Rogers of Boyd celebrated her 7th birthday a few days ago with a party given in her honor by her mother, Mrs. David Rogers. There were 21 guests. Miss Elizabeth Brannen helped her mother with the children. Ella Mae received many nice gifts.
The Legislature is meeting again this week in what many consider an important session. Governor Warren and others say that the state is facing a crisis, with forty to fifty million dollars more budgeted than that for which revenue is in sight. New taxes will be proposed by the Governor and reiteration of his opposition to the sales tax will be made.
Mr. and Mrs. W M Burton expect to leave this week, driving to San Francisco from where they will embark for Guam, April 20, by steamer. Mr. Burton will be connected with the U.S. Engineering Department.
April 14, 1950
Many friends and relatives gathered at Mrs. J G Thigpen’s Sunday night to celebrate Mrs. Florence Thigpen’s  eighty-fifth birthday. A number of gifts were presented to her, with wishes for many more birthdays yet.
The students and teachers of Lee School enjoyed the Easter Recess, which extended from April 6 to April 11. Every one attended one or more Easter egg hunts. The separate rooms at school had their egg hunts and picnics, which are a tradition of the school.
Fire caused from a spark falling on the shingles burned a considerable hole in the roof of Mary Tillman’s home in West Madison Friday. Effective work of the Fire Department saved the home.
Presbyterian children were entertained at their annual egg hunt Saturday afternoon on the church lawn. Quite a large number enjoyed the affair. Ice cream was served after the eggs were found. Prizewinners were Harriet Gandy, Billie Bryant, Joy Harris, Beverly Gibson, Gayle Coffee and Phillip Ragans.
April 13, 1951
John L. Marker, age 29, of Greenville, is in the local hospital with shoulder and back injuries and cuts on the face, and Harrison Williams, 60, also of Greenville, a rider in Mr. Marker’s car, with a severely cut foot, as the result of an automobile accident about 1:15 p.m. Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Bailey, Madison Route 3, announce the birth of a son, April 10.
Susan Selman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Buford Selman was honored with a lovely birthday Thursday afternoon on the occasion of her second birthday anniversary.
The Intentional baseball league composed of Pinetta, Fla., and the following Georgia Teams: Glenn, Stockton, Eastside Valdosta, Lakeland, and Homerville, opens for the season Sunday, April 15. Games will be played each Sunday afternoon during the season. Glenn will play Pinetta in Pinetta this Sunday afternoon at three o’clock.
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