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Way Back When

May 22, 1953

Poppy Day is the day of remembrance – the one day each year we ask you to wear a poppy in memory of those who gave their lives that America and the precious things America represents might live. It is the day we invite you to participate in our glorious heritage, the care of the disabled and his dependents. A charming event of last Thursday evening was the Mother-Daughter Banquet held in the Education building and given by the Junior and Intermediate girls who make up the GA’s of the Woman’s Society of the Baptist Church. The affair was in observance of Focus Week, when the eyes of the church are focused on its Youth. It was also an anniversary occasion noting the fortieth year of the GA organization. Our Senate spent the whole day arguing the toll turnpike bill, finally amending it to permit construction of a toll highway the length of state, and then passed the bill. Mr. M. E. (Mode) Smith, who lives on West Rutledge Street, in his exclusive interview with the local press, was particularly wroth about the difficulty he encountered while cutting the mustard in his garden which is only a beer-bottle throw across the street from Club Two-Spot. It seems he encountered about as many empty tax-paid whiskey bottles as he did mustard. Considerably exasperated, he reported he picked them up one by one and hurled them over the fence in the direction of jookers’ rendezvous.

May 21, 1954

Mrs. E. E. Hadden and Mrs. J. P. Morrow presented the piano recital pupils of their music classes at Pinetta in a charming recital Friday evening in the beautifully decorated Pinetta High School auditorium. Appearing on the program were: Melanie Gibson, Janis King, Theodore Coody, Sandra Gail Hinton, Joyce Elaine Higley, Abigail Woodward, Rose Seals, Linda Brannon, Patty Ward, Nickie Strickland, Mary Nell Washington, Diane Henderson, Betty Jean Harris, SuEllen Seals, Jean Zipperer, Peggy Ann Gaston, Laverne Brown, Carolyn Warner, Leon Strickland, Lanora Zipperer, Betty Shaw, Carolyn Woodward, Charlotte Woodward, Frances Stewart, Thomasina Morrison and Glenda Bland.

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