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Two men arrested for burglary and grand theft

Emerald G. Parsons, Greene Publishing, Inc.

Two men have been arrested and charged with burglary and grand theft, among other charges, stemming from an incident last week.

According to Madison County Sheriff’s Office reports, on Tuesday, Dec. 27 around 11:45 a.m., Deputy Pike was dispatched to a residence on SE Farm Road in reference to a possible burglary.  Upon arrival, Deputy Pike was met at the residence by the owner’s daughter and son-in-law.  She stated that when she arrived at her parents’ home, she noticed that several items under the carport were out of place and the home’s entrance

Joshua Hand (left) and Damon Pace (right)

door appeared to have been kicked in.  She then stated she noticed a small white pick-up truck, with a male driver, pull up to the front of the house; but when he made eye contact with her, he sped away. She also stated she recognized the truck as one she sees parked at a near-by neighbor’s house. The son-in-law also advised Deputy Pike that just prior to noticing the break-in, he had witnessed a man pushing a trash can down Farm Rd, near the intersection of Askew Ave. wearing a red knit style hat.  He also stated he recognized the man as someone he has seen in the neighborhood frequently, at the same home of the near-by neighbor.

When the homeowner arrived, they went inside the residence to find the door to the home had been pried open.  It was also noticed that the home had been ransacked and several items had been stolen, including a safe, old coins, old cash bills, rare cash bills and an undetermined amount of cash.

Deputy Pike then questioned several neighbors and was given information that matched that of the family members.  Other witnesses had also seen a man wearing a red hat pushing a garbage can down the road and load it into the back of a white pick-up truck and drive off.

When reaching the home of the near-by neighbor’s house in question, it was found and determined that Damon Pace, 28, of Madison, had just left the home with one of his friends, Joshua Hand, 43, of Jennings.  They were said to be traveling in a white pick-up truck that belonged to Hand.

Two witnesses stated they saw a man, wearing a red hat, pushing a trash can down the road and then saw him take several items out and put them on the ground.  One witness identified the man as Damon Pace and led Deputy Pike to the area where the items had been placed on the ground. Several items were found including a purse, which was later identified as a purse that the homeowner’s wife had just received for Christmas.

At approximately 8:45 p.m., Deputy Pike was advised that Joshua Hand was seen parked at a gas pump at the Yellow Pine Pit Stop.  Deputy Pike arrived on scene and placed Hand under arrest. During a search of the vehicle, items found included a safe and old coins. Also found in the vehicle was a loaded needle with an off color liquid, a pack of needles, a piece of plastic tubing and various lighters. Field testing of the liquid, in the needle, proved the liquid to be methamphetamine and measured approximately 30cc and weighed approximately 3.1 grams.

The homeowner was contacted and arrived on scene and positively identified the safe and old coins as belonging to him.

After transporting Hand to the Madison County Jail, an inventory was taken of all of Hand’s personal effects; within his wallet 15 two-dollar bills were found, along with three old coins and several fifty-cent coins.  Again, the homeowner was contacted, arrived on scene, and positively identified the items as his.

Three days later, on Friday, Dec. 30, at approximately 11 a.m., Deputy Pike and Sgt. Lauth were dispatched to a residence on Askew Drive in reference to a report that Damon Pace was inside a home.

The officers entered the home, with permission from the homeowner, with K9 Miso.  Pace emerged from a bedroom of the house when Sgt. Lauth announced the presence of a K9.  Pace was taken into custody and was transported to the Madison County Jail.

Upon further investigation into the home, a backpack was found.  Inside the backpack was a used syringe, a U.S. silver dollar coin dated 1890, a five-dollar bill with its serial numbers in red ink, and several men’s clothing items.

Charges for the two men include:

Joshua Shane Hand: Burglary to an unoccupied dwelling, grand theft, possession of burglary tools, posssell controlled substance – methamphetamine, poss of drug paraphernalia/equipment, and criminal mischief.

Damon Lee Pace: Burglary to an unoccupied dwelling and grand theft.

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