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Tuning into God

Have you ever turned on the radio in your car and something you heard spoke to your soul? Perhaps you needed a reason to keep fighting and all of a sudden, The Old Rugged Cross began to leak from the speakers of your car and you were instantly reminded of the day you walked the aisle at your hometown church and asked Jesus in your heart. Or maybe a family member was sick and you switched on the radio only to hear David Jeremiah fiercely reminding you of the power God has to heal and restore. Perhaps even, the station you tuned into was 91.7 WAPB Love FM. 91.7 WAPB Love FM Madison is the sister station of 91.5 WAPN Love FM based in Holly Hill, Florida, near Daytona. Gordon Lund founded the East Coast station in 1985 with a dream that he could reach thousands of people for Jesus Christ. Lund, along with his wife, Earlyne and his daughter, Michelle, worked hard to see the station prosper. The family worked in an 8 foot by 8 foot yellow shed, renting use of the radio tower which stood next to it. The station would begin to grow and God would begin to work in the lives of the Lund family. Eventually, the owner of the 385 ft. tower offered to sell it to Lund for $10,000, only he needed to know by the next day. A discouraged Lund came home, not knowing where he would find the money to purchase the tower. L

ittle did he know, his wife Earlyne had been putting aside money over the years just in case. When she went to check how much had accumulated, they had exactly $10,000. The family purchased the radio tower and, from that moment forward, had the peace of knowing the station would forever broadcast the Gospel of Jesus Christ without the threat of being kicked off the air. In 2005, Lund teamed up with his friend, Tommy Greene, founder of Greene Publishing, Inc., and began to rent access to the news company's tower. Shortly after, Lund died, however Greene honored his friend's wishes and 91.7 WAPB Love FM was born and people all over Madison County would begin to have access to the Christian radio station. When tragedy struck and Lund passed away, his daughter Machelle (Shellye) Vallance took over at the home station in Holly Hill. “I was always in the background; I never wanted to be on air,” said Vallance. However, God had different plans. He taught her that he could turn her talents and knack for computers into a full fledged ministry.

“We are now heard worldwide through our app,” said Vallance. “God has taken this station from a tiny shed out back to a radio station heard all around the world. Everyday, my purpose is to win souls for Christ. Oftentimes, we will receive calls from truckers driving their routes at night and they will come to Jesus right there in their truck. We want to reach the highways and byways; the single moms, widows and those in need.” The station puts their words to action, as well. They recently filled backpacks with school supplies and helped several families who are preparing to go back to school. Shellye and her daughter, Yvonne Van Wie, work at the station in Holly Hill and Shellye's sisters Pam Storm and Penny Piccirillio are on the board. Gordon Lund has certainly left a legacy; in his family and all over the world as thousands and thousands of people hear the word of God on a daily basis. For more information, visit Download the app, WAPN Radio free, or tune in on the radio to WAPN 91.5 FM in Daytona Beach or WAPB 91.7 FM in Madison. You will be sure to receive a blessing.

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1. Photo Submitted. Shellye Vallance (left) and her daughter and assistant, Yvonne Van Wie (right), at WAPN Love FM in Holly Hill, Fl., near Daytona.

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