Trespasser Threatens Police Officer

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 12.11.00 PMBy Jessie R. Box
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The Madison Police Department was dispatched to the Madison Heights Apartments in reference to a verbal altercation on Saturday, April 26.
According to the MPD report, Patrolman Johnson made contact with Joseph Reddick, who said his named was Terrence and his nickname was TJ Myself. Patrolman Johnson and Corporal Rosenberg had prior knowledge of Reddick for trespassing at Madison Height Apartments.
According to the MPD report, Ptl. Johnson made contact with the female victim and was informed that Reddick, herself and another man came back to the apartment after a night of heavy drinking. The woman woke up to an unlocked front door and confronted Reddick about it. The other man was awoken by Reddick asking him for a cigarette and the man told him no. According to the report, this made Reddick angry and wanted the man to answer who was right about the front door argument. When the man did not answer Reddick, Reddick told him to get out of bed. The man did not move and Reddick punched the man in the left eye with a closed fist while the man was lying in bed and when the man tried to get up Reddick punched him for a second time. After this argument, the woman ran to her aunt’s apartment to use the phone.
According to the MPD report, while at the Madison County Jail Reddick threatened to punch Cpl. Rosenberg in the mouth when he had his handcuffs taken off and made a statement that he knew where Cpl. Rosenberg lived and he would walk to his house.
Reddick has been charged with trespassing after warning, resisting without violence for failing to provide his real name when requested by a law enforcement officer during an official investigation, simple battery, corruption by threat on a public official by threatening and violation of parole.
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Jessie Box

Written by Jessie Box