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By Fran Hunt
Greene Publishing, Inc.
Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) reported that at 11:47 a.m., Robert Wimberly, 55, of Shady Grove, was driving a 1992 Ford Explorer traveling northbound on US-19, in the right lane. James Fletcher, 84, of Lillian, Ala., was driving a 2002 Ford Expedition, traveling northbound in the right lane behind Wimberly’s vehicle. He was pulling a 1999 Skyline camper trailer. Wimberly slowed down to make a right turn into Walker Pecans and Fletcher did not notice him slowing down. Fletcher swerved into the left lane to avoid a collision with Wimberly’s vehicle. The front right bumper of Fletcher’s vehicle collided with the left rear side of Wimberly’s vehicle, causing the passenger side tires of Wimberly’s vehicle to travel off the roadway. Fletcher’s vehicle continued traveling into Wimberly’s vehicle, sideswiping it. Fletcher lost control of his vehicle and the camper trailer. The camper trailer overturned onto its left side and traveled northbound on US-19, while still attached to Fletcher’s vehicle. Wimberly’s vehicle traveled back onto the roadway and came to a rest facing northwesterly, in the right driving lane. The camper attached to Fletcher’s vehicle came to a rest overturned on its left side, facing northwesterly in both the left and right lanes of travel. Fletcher’s vehicle came to rest still attached to the camper trailer, with the left rear bumper on the top left corner of Wimberly’s vehicle and the front driver’s side wheel on the ground and the front passenger side wheel was suspended off the ground. FHP did not deem the crash to be alcohol-related. Wimberly and Fletcher were wearing their seatbelt and both were uninjured. Fletcher was charged with careless driving. All northbound traffic was detoured through the parking lot of Walker Pecans until the scene could be cleared. Fletcher’s vehicle sustained $4,000 damage. His trailer sustained $6,000 damage. Wimberly’s vehicle sustained $1,500 damage. FHP Trooper Warren Tyre was the investigating officer. Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo by Fran Hunt, February 11, 2014 A two-vehicle crash, Tuesday morning, blocked both northbound lanes of US-19 in front of Walker’s Pecans Stand.

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