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Town of Greenville hires a new manager


Jim McCroskey

Carole Mitchell - Greene Publishing, Inc.

On Tuesday, Nov. 1, the Town of Greenville welcomed their new town manager.

Jim McCroskey lives in Madison. He has been happily married to his wife Nancy for 32 years.   She is a registered nurse in Ormond, Fl. They have three daughters and four grandchildren. The couple spends their spare time with their grandchildren, camping and riding motorcycles.

McCroskey has many years of experience as town manager including Holly Hills, Fl. and Infield, NC.  He received a masters' in city planning from the University of Mississippi and an Urban Planning degree from East Tennessee State University.

McCroskey is putting the finishing touches on a treehouse and spoke jovially about being a grandparent. Originally the treehouse was for his daughters.  Fortunately, his grandchildren will enjoy it.

McCroskey shared seven goals outlined by council members.  He applauds the town leadership for being united on community development and improvement.  First order of business for the town manager is a two million dollar grant awarded to the Town of Greenville to upgrade local sewer systems.

Goals for Town Manager:

  • Save GES
  • Plan for road improvements
  • Review all Human Resource policies
  • Volunteer
  • Reopen the CareerSource center
  • Attract more families to Greenville
  • Recruit manufacturing companies
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