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Toll booth scam alert

Toll roads already feel like a scam, but a local resident was surprised with a real scam involving the Florida Turnpike this month.  After going through a toll booth, the resident received an email saying that he did not pay his toll and that he needed to immediately render payment. Attached to the email was an invoice. Yet when the resident called Sun Pass, there was no invoice, no charges and no problems. The victim of the scam was informed by Sun Pass that it was a scam that is under current investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Florida Department of Transportation.  Citizens are reminded never to give credit card information over email. Always deal with a company directly. Governmental entities will never send fines or fees over email: they will always use mail, personal communication, or phone.  Watch emails from strange accounts and be wary of poor language and unwelcome attachments. Be careful not to become a victim of a scam.

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