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The Walkers to perform at Lee Worship Center this weekend

On Friday, April 15, The Walkers, a gospel trio based out of Perry, Fl., will be performing at Lee Worship Center at 7 p.m.

The Walkers are one of the most diverse musical ministries out there, performing original songs that the group members have written. This trio is dedicated and sensitive when leading others to the Holy Spirit through music; in the 21 plus years they have been in service, they have learned to adapt to any setting or situation in order to provide praise and worship to wherever they perform.

Their most recent album, Twenty, combines country, southern gospel and contemporary music all rolled into one album, forming what their fans call “Walker Style.” This high-energy album is one for all audiences to enjoy. Their newest song By A Roman Soldier's Hand on their most recent album has become The Walkers' latest charting song and their very first in southern gospel music.  It debuted at #94 on the SGN Scoops chart.

Come experience a unique performance at Lee Worship Center, which is located at 471 SE Magnolia Dr. in Lee. For more information, contact Pastor Richard Sauls at (919) 745-0225.

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