The Secret Of His Success

My father had told the doctors that he wanted to come home and they acceded to his wishes last Wednesday, Jan. 22. The day before – on his 78th birthday of all days — he had been told by the staff at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital that he had acute leukemia and that he probably had from a few months to up to a year to live. The doctor told him on Wednesday that he could have a few weeks to live and he sent him home with an appointment to go to his office on Friday to be checked to see if he needed a blood transfusion. A year never came. A few weeks never came. Friday never came. My father succumbed to the effects of the disease Thursday evening, Jan. 23, at home in Lee and slipped peacefully from this Earth into the waiting arms of his Savior, Jesus Christ. He had told my niece, Morgan, that he wanted a party when he got home and the next day he had a bigger party than this world will ever have as he entered the gates of Heaven. My daddy was a storyteller, as many men his age are, and the years had shown him a lot of wisdom. On Sunday evening, at Daddy’s visitation at the funeral home, one of our fellow church members shared with me how he always loved to hear Daddy talk and tell stories and share his wisdom. One illustration that Daddy shared in Sunday School was, “You can lead a goat to water but you can’t make him drink. You might get a horse to drink, but you may just end up in the water yourself if you try to make a goat drink.” His point was that you can argue and argue with a person, but if their mind won’t be changed, you could end up getting hurt yourself. Another time in Sunday School, as the teacher was speaking about sin, he piped in with, “You don’t leave a dead dog in the road; it just stinks.” His meaning was that you can’t just keep going back to the same old stuff and doing it again and again. You have to clean the sin up and get it out of the road, like the dead dog. A woman, who is a member of my church, told me that there are plenty of good men in the world and there are Christian men. “Your daddy was a good Christian man,” she said. Those words meant a lot to me, not because I didn’t realize that before, but just to hear other people say it about him. Last Wednesday, before he left the hospital, a nurse came in his room and told me that she and all the nurses there had fallen in love with him. When I prodded him for the secret of his success with women, he told me, “I just tell them what Jesus can do for them.” That was the secret of Daddy’s success with women and with life.

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