By Gary Cox
Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church

Barack Obama may be the latest political lightning rod but he has never been the ultimate issue. Whether you realize it or not, we are in the middle of a culture war that has polarized our nation.  The battle has little to do with a president’s seamy sex life (i.e, Bill Clinton, LBJ, JFK) or one’s political bent left or right. It does, however, have everything to do with what values we will embrace as a society. The profound question before us is whether we will continue to cling to a bankrupt world and life view of hedonism (“if it feels good do it”), humanism (“I am the most important entity in the world”), and secularism (“God is dead or at least has no place in the public forum”). Is it too much to hope that the electorate will vote to return us to the principles and precepts that our founding fathers established by electing men and women who have a very different worldview than that delineated above.
But here is one of the reasons why that may be a Pollyanna wish.  Clearly, Presidents, members of Congress and the judiciary are almost all products of the modern educational system which has done an outstanding job of convincing multiplied millions of young minds that relativism is true – that there are no absolutes (such as the Ten Commandments) and that pragmatism (whatever works) is the highest good in society. This is the product of state-run education and it is pure gullibility that believes it will be a “values free environment” because you cannot teach children in a moral vacuum.  Someone’s values will seep through whether it be that of the Christian teacher or atheist professor. This isn’t about politics but about a mindset and philosophy of life (which we all have whether we realize it or not) that directs our thoughts and ultimately our actions which does indeed inform our political choices.
The interesting thing is that the American people are beginning to see that life lived by all these “isms” produces internal chaos, which ultimately will lead to external collapse to one degree or another.  Since the early 60’s, we have lived, as a culture, without God, without God’s Word, without the principles of life as codified in what has been called “the Judeo-Christian ethic” and, guess what? It doesn’t work very well. The tenderizer of humanism has eaten away the moral sinews of our nation and we are now left with children gunning down classmates, partial birth abortions, civil suits out the wazoo because nobody can trust anybody anymore, newborns being tossed into dumpsters, the elderly facing euthanasia and most recently in Oregon, doctor assisted suicides. But what did we expect? Did anyone really think that whatever we sowed as a culture we would not reap in a harvest of degradation and immorality?
This November Americans will cast a vote for the culture they want for themselves, their children and their grandchildren.  That is really what is before us and not voting is almost as bad as an uninformed, willy-nilly vote for whomever.  Ultimately it will be another roll-call choice of whether we will at least begin to return to “one nation under God” or a continuation down the dirt road of secularism that is devoid of any moral compass.
The stakes are far too high to indulge ourselves in lethargy and complacency. The walls are crumbling around us and the barbarians are at the gates if not already charging through the city. Cynicism and inactivity are cancerous cells that eat away at our freedoms. We must speak out. The pulpits of America can no longer be silent as the culture is now actively pursuing gag-orders of those who preach the whole counsel of God and are using the guise of “hate speech” to justify their actions (find out what the mayor of Houston is demanding of pastors). The people of God can no longer comfort themselves in the holy huddle of their sanctuaries waiting to be air-lifted to safety in a secret rapture.  The time is NOW to come to the aid of your country.
As the prophet Isaiah once said regarding his own nation; “Let there be those among my nation who rebuild its ancient ruins and raise up the foundations of many generations, that they may be called the repairers of the breaches and restorers of streets to dwell in.” Isaiah 58:12 (ESV)
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