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The Pulpit: The truth be told

As Jesus responds to Thomas in John 14:6, He says, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. The world we live in seems as though it isn’t interested in the truth. Much of our news is about the lies that have been told, and those accused continue living as if nothing has been said or done wrong. What we see around us is people grasping for what makes them feel comfortable, of worth and accepted, with no regard for right and wrong. The majority of man lives in a fairytale world. As we look at the lives of some of those that claim Christianity, we find that when we compare them to scripture, their life and the choices they make are contrary to the claim of Christianity. For this to be done, one claims a love for God, His Word and a service unto Him. But what annuls the claim of Christianity is the life lived. Is not Christianity based on and proven by the Word? The truth be told, we cannot pick and choose which portion of scripture we want to embrace and which portion we want to ignore. People are free moral agents, Joshua 24:15 says, Choose you this day whom ye will serve. Everyone has the choice to be religious or not to be. We can worship that which we choose to. We can believe whatever we want. But the truth be told, there is only one acceptable practice of Christianity to the one true God. This is given unto us in His Holy Word and any deviation from the Christianity displayed by it’s truth annuls the claim. The Christianity of the Word is of a strict nature, due to the fact that it is embodied by truth. This truth is not a compromise of our discretion, nor is it to be adapted or formed to our standards. It is, however, to be restricted to Godly guidelines and conformability. The God we serve is a God of forgiveness, and the truth be told, He will not excuse men from partial obedience. Churches around the world are full of such people, and they have biblical examples to show them the error of their ways, and examples of how to be restored unto true fellowship with Him. God shows us how disobedient and cruel His chosen people were unto Him, and yet Israel, when they chose to turn back to God, as we can see from scripture, did it only in the way God so graciously prescribed. Why is it then that people believe they can come short of what God expects us to be and still claim His Christianity? Truth be told, they are hindered by spiritual blindness. They see what they want to see, and ignore simple truth. The Apostle Paul and his brother in Christ, James, were living examples of true Christianity. These men, as inspired by God, tell us in no uncertain terms, what is expected of a true follower of Christ. These truths of God's word are plain and easy to understand. By reading God’s word we know how a Christian should live and serve, all we have to do is lay aside our selfish desires to do it. Choose you this day whom you will serve! Truth be told, God is the same yesterday, today and forever; His Word is truth, His forgiveness and love are forever. I urge the reader of His Word to open your ears and eyes to God’s plain truth.

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