The Pulpit: I Am Blessed

Submitted By Benjie Dyal
We have often heard people use the phrase “I am blessed,” which is true simply because we are blessed. We are blessed indeed, simply by having the privilege of living in such a great nation; one that affords us freedom of worship and witness without fear of persecution. And, too, we are blessed living in a land of opportunities and prosperity. But the term “bless/blessed” is rooted deeper than in geography and materialism. By no means is it wrong for the term “bless/blessed” to be used. It is a Christian word; it is a spiritual word; and it is a biblical word. However, the word “bless/blessed” has been hijacked by our culture. It is too often, however, used loosely while in ┬ámany instances misunderstood. When we say we are “blessed,” we need to understand the usage of the term in how we are implying it; so that there will be no misrepresentation of the term.
The term “bless” is defined biblically in various ways, depending on how the term is used in its content. The various meanings of the term are: “To praise, to celebrate with praises”–of that which is addressed to God; “To consecrate a thing with solemn prayers”–that of which to ask God’s blessing; and “Happy or blissful”–that which Jesus used on the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-11). But there is also another meaning of the term “bless/blessed,” which means “a self-contained happiness” by which many associates the term; thereby using it more frequent in the geography and materialism concept than realized. For example, the Greeks thought that Cypress had everything one needed to be happy. Because of its geographical location, perfect climate, and fertile soil they believed that anyone who lived on Cypress had it made in the shade. Therefore, they associated the term in “a self-contained happiness,” calling the Island of Cypress “the happy isle.” We, American Christians, too often associate the term “bless” in the same matter, even though not realizing it.
Not only do we associate the term “bless/blessed” with our geographic location, but also materialism. Please do not get me wrong. We are truly blessed of God! I fully agree that we live in a land, not only of opportunities, but also a land of prosperity. And, YES! We should be grateful for such a blessing. But we must keep in mind that too often we associate being blessed based on the materialism we possess. The world views success (blessing) by what one owns; such as the size of house one lives in and/or type of vehicle one drives, etc. We must understand, however, we are blessed no matter what size of house, apartment, or condo we live in or what kind of car we drive. Whatever one may possess only by the grace of God we have what we have. What about third world countries, can not they be blessed? What about the person that cannot afford even a car of any sort, are they not blessed? I think, or hope, you get the picture I am presenting. Being “blessed” is not based on the geographic or materialistic aspects of life, but that of God alone. Only by the grace (blessing) of God we live where we dwell and have what we possess!!!
We must not use the term “bless/blessed” as it has been used so loosely by the hijackers. We must understand what it really means to be blessed by the implications of the term that Jesus used in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-11). We are truly “blessed” when we are poor in spirit; mourners; hunger and thirst for righteousness; merciful; pure in heart; peacemakers; persecuted for righteousness’ sake; and when people revile, persecute, and say all manner of evil against us falsely for His sake. YES! All Christians, no matter the geography or materialism, can be blessed and are blessed when we practice the Christian principles found in the Sermon on the Mount by our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!
I pray that the article has been a “blessing” to you and will help you along your journey with Jesus!
Pastor Benjie Dyal is the pastor of New Home Baptist Church in Madison, Fl. He can be contacted by email at or his church study at
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