The Only Thing That Lasts Forever

I will admit Monday’s national championship game had me worried. After all, I had been spoiled all year as FSU pounded down their opposition in games that could be described as mismatches. The game Monday evening was different, however. Call it a slobber knocker, as ABC sports commentator Keith Jackson was fond of saying, or call it a close one. I think I prefer the term “barnburner” to describe it. FSU fell behind 21-3 and it appeared, even to me, that all hope was lost. Led by freshman quarterback Jameis Winston FSU fought back and won 34-31. The whole time I was watching the game, I felt dizzy and was sick. I can’t blame this on the game, however, because I have felt this way for a couple of weeks. I really need to rest and recuperate but I do not have the time or opportunity to do so. Maybe this weekend I will, but not at this moment. Illness aside, the victory for my alma mater did lift my spirits quite a bit. It was great to see Madison County’s own Jacobbi McDaniel and Jefferson County’s own Shane Broxsie and Jared Jackson win. It was great to see former FSU Head Coach Bobby Bowden walk on the field for the game’s opening coin toss. It was great to see current Head Coach Jimbo Fisher and his family celebrating the milestone victory. Auburn earned a lot of respect with their performance Monday evening, but when all was said and done, FSU could hold their heads up high and proclaim, “We are the champions!” As I mentioned in the first paragraph, FSU had spoiled me with their blowout victories. Sometimes, we get spoiled by life with victory after victory and we always expect things to be the same time and again but life has a funny way of turning things on you sometimes; this is why we need to look to Jesus for help. We’re not always going to be the smartest man or the prettiest woman. Age and other things can rob a man of his mind or a woman of her beauty. We can’t put our trust in our bank accounts either because things happen at times that deplete the account. The only thing we can trust in is the Lord. When we think of the things life has spoiled us with, we need to remember that those things are only temporary. God is the only thing that lasts forever.

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