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The big invasion

One of these days you will hear an ear-piercing scream! It will be coming from me the next time I hear President Obama or any other politician say we have a "broken immigration system!" WE DO NOT HAVE A BROKEN IMMIGRATION SYSTEM!! What IS broken are people in charge of our country, (that is not you and me by the way) unwilling to enforce good, proper and necessary immigration laws that have been in place for years. Both political parties are responsible for the mess we find ourselves in today. Long ago, the Democrat party recognized the masses of people they could win over to their side with all the free government benefits. This would increase the numbers of people dependent upon Democrat politicians and the large government they profess. Ultimately, of course, this would create a massive Democrat voting bloc. On the other side, the Republicans are caught like deer in the headlights. They are terrified of being referred to as racial bigots and losing the Latino voting community. Additionally, let's not overlook all the attractive cheap labor that comes along with unskilled illegal immigrants. It is no mystery why Donald Trump is way out front in the ongoing Republican presidential polls. Unrecognized by all the other candidates is that a super mass majority of Americans, both Republicans and Democrats are totally and finally fed up with America's illegal immigration invasion. The Democrat Party has already cast its lot on this issue. Now they are faced with the growing numbers of American voters' very unhappy and wanting real illegal immigration change. All they have left is to frame Republicans as racist, immoral and uncaring in appealing to the gullible sympathies of the voting American public. Simultaneously they continue pressing for complete amnesty as their answer to fix the "broken" immigration system. The cost to tax paying Americans for illegal immigration is staggering! At last count it was 35 billion at the federal level and 85 billion at the state and local level. That is a whopping 120 billion dollars each year! (Remember just one billion is 1,000 million!) What is not counted in these numbers is the loss of jobs and wages to legal American citizens, the financial and social impact on the infrastructures of nearly all American towns and cities and the burden of elevated crimes placed on law enforcement. Also, think about this; all of these illegals and their children have never been vaccinated for a myriad of diseases like the citizens of the U.S. Not long ago, there was an outbreak of a potentially deadly Whooping cough epidemic in our southwest. Alarmingly, we are also experiencing the terrible rise in polio cases in this country. Admittedly, these could be simple coincidences, but one cannot overlook the massive influx of unvaccinated illegal immigrants as a possibility. And let's not overlook that little problem of radical Muslim terrorists and our open borders. What we have is a bunch of people (who for whatever personal reason) broke our law, entered our country illegally, took away jobs, leech on our tax payer funded welfare system, make us now press one for English, requires manufactures and governments at all levels to print things in dual language, forces our schools and teachers to modify classroom instruction and created whole communities who refuse to assimilate into American society and instead demand American citizens now honor their culture, language and values. America, when my grandparents and mother immigrated (legally) was known as "The Land of Opportunity." The greatest dream then was becoming an American citizen. Today America is the "Land of Free Benefits," complements of the American tax paying citizens. Just remember, we get what we vote for!!

Dennis Foggy

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