Thank You To Tim Sanders And His Staff

I have never had to call on the Clerk of Court here in Madison, except to maybe converse about jury duty. The one time I did I was shocked at the response. A couple of months ago I had a problem getting something handled with DHSMV, with the State of Florida. After much conversation with the Clerk’s office and DHSMV and the mis-communication between the two then somehow turned into a real problem that I couldn’t get anyone to help me with, as the two agencies had done their part but the problem still existed. Not knowing what to do, I left my card on Tim Sanders’ desk to please call me. Within a half an hour I got a call from him on my cell phone. After explaining the situation I was assured by him that he was on the problem and would call me back. Sure enough, in about an hour I got a call back acknowledging that there was a communication problem and that he would get it taken care of AND he gave me not only his office, but cell phone number, in case I had any need to contact him. Within the two days it took to handle this problem, I bet I had five or six calls from our Clerk of Court, personally relaying information and the status of what was going on, even after the close of business. I was kept up to date with all happenings from the time I got the first call until the last call, telling me that the problem was handled and that he was sorry about what had happened. Now that’s what I call taking care of business! I know that Mr. Tim had a lot more important things to take care of than my little issue, but he handled it when I had neither the time nor the knowledge of how to take care of it. Thank you sir! You, and your staff, went above and beyond to get my issue handled and I just wanted to share it with the people of Madison County! Sincerely, Keith Gordon

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