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Teachers to receive stipends

The Madison County School Board came together for their bi-monthly meeting on July 21 at 6 p.m. The meeting was kicked off with a special hearing to introduce the tentative budget for the new school year, which the Board proceeded to approve for advertisement. Afterwards, the agenda was collectively approved by consent. Next, it was time for individual business items. The first included the Board's unanimous approval of a staff trip to the Florida Partnership of Minority and Underrepresented Student Achievement district leadership training in Orlando. The next item required the approval of the Madison County High School Cheerleaders to attend FCA Cheerleading Camp in Lakeland. The Board unanimously approved the trip. After the approval of staff and student trips, Superintendent Brown informed the Board of SIG Professional Development Stipends which would be granted to 22 instructional personnel participating in professional development training over the summer, reviewing curriculum and working on ways to teach standards and impove instruction.

Teachers would receive approximately $100 per day for four days for their training. The Board collectively approved the SIG Professional Development Stipends. Next, Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Ida Walker, presented the Supplemental Math Program, Acaletics, to be approved by the Board. The program would be implemented in grades 3-5 and 6-8. According to, their math program “has helped more than 400,000 students and over 400 schools dramatically improve classroom instruction and learning, test scores, and student competence and confidence by providing invaluable resources and direct support to school administrators, teachers, students and parents.” The Board collectively approved the supplemental math program, asking to hear progress in the future. Next, Suprintendent Brown presented the Board with the opportunity for the district to participate, along with Hamilton County, in the grant program called Skills for Success. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the program “supports Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) and their partners in implementing, evaluating and refining tools and approaches for developing the non-cognitive skills of middle-grades students in order to increase student success.

Grants provide funding for the implementation, evaluation and refinement of existing tools and approaches (e.g., digital games, growth mindset classroom activities, experiential learning opportunities) that integrate the development of students’ non-cognitive skills into classroom-level activities and existing strategies designed to improve schools.” If the grant is awarded, it will not go into effect until the 2016-17 school year. The grant would be distributed to Madison County Central School, as the program places importance in the middle school environment. The Board collectively approved grant participation. Afterwards, the Board collectively approved personnel changes and granted permission to advertise for non-instructional positions.

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