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Teacher Spotlight: Dela Carroll

Nancy Taylor: Greene Publishing, Inc.

Dela Carroll has been teaching for more than 30 years, but recently her teaching has been benefiting James Madison Preparatory High School (JMPHS). At JMPHS, she teaches high school Hope/Physical Education and Critical Thinking.

Carroll received her teaching degree from Valdosta State University.

During her teaching tenure, she has taught children from elementary-age through high school in Georgia, and throughout Madison County. Her subject areas have been equally as diverse: English/Language Arts, special education, reading, social studies, science, math, health and physical education.

Carroll was inspired to become a teacher because of her love for children and watching them learn new things. “I watched classmates struggle to understand, and (I) started to find ways to help them understand the content. I loved the feeling when they accomplished their goal,” said Carroll.

When students leave her classroom, she wants to have inspired them to always find ways to better themselves, to always do the right thing, and to seize the opportunity to grow and be successful.

Carroll says her favorite aspect of teaching is observing the learning process in each child. “I love watching them grow intellectually.”

Over the course of her 30 years in the classroom, she has learned that no two students are alike. Each child comes with their own personality and learning style. “You have to be creative, flexible and understanding,” said Carroll.

Carroll is married to Frankie Carroll (former Madison County football coach), and they have two children, Rebecca and Bubba. They also have four grandchildren. “I love to spend time with my grandkids, read and cook,” concluded Mrs. Carroll.

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