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Teacher Spotlight: Cammie Frakes at Lee Elementary

What grade do you teach? 3rd grade

What is your teaching history/education? “This is my first year. I graduated FSU in May and I got a degree in Elementary Education.”

What inspired you to become a teacher? “My mom was a teacher, and so I got to see all the joy she got from teaching and everything that went into it, I wanted to be like her; I wanted to become a teacher.”

What do you want to leave behind to your students? “I want them to know, first of all, that I love them, and that they are capable of doing whatever they want to do in life.”

Best part of being a teacher? “The best part is the light bulb moments, where you see them get what you are teaching. Especially when they’ve worked really hard for it.”

What have you taken away from your time as a teacher? “I’ve learned to be a lot more patient.”

Family? “My parents lived in Madison for about 10 years; Brett and Stacy Frakes, and they just moved to New Mexico. I have two sisters, Lizzie is 18, and Lucy is eight.”

Three interesting/random facts about yourself? “I graduated from college in three years. I’ve lived in five different cities. More of a dog person than cat.”

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