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Sunshine Protection Act aims to make daylight savings permanent

Daylight savings time is something we all struggle to get used to, but a new bill that has been proposed could make the dread of daylight savings disappear; turning back those clocks will come to an end if the bill is passed. Representative Kristin Jacobs introduced the bill, aptly named the Sunshine Protection Act to the State Senate on Friday, Dec. 4, which proposes that Florida should have daylight savings time all year long. Jacobs reasoned that, because Florida is called the Sunshine State, it should be kept sunny annually. However, this isn't the first time daylight savings was fought against. In 2008, according to the Miami New Times, Senator Bill Posey pushed a bill that would have eliminated daylight savings time in Florida and keep the state running on standard time. Despite Posey's efforts, lawmakers decided against the proposal. Another attempt was made by Senator Darren Soto in 2014. Soto introduced a bill similar to the one Jacobs has now introduced, but the bill ended up failing. Individual states have the power to decide whether they want to follow daylight savings times. Florida would be the only state using daylight savings time year-round if the bill was passed. The proposal will be considered in the 2016 legislative session held in January. If this bill is passed by the Senate, it will take effect on July 1, 2016 according to the Senate.

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