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Students recognized for achievements in creative writing

On Wednesday, May 27, students within the Madison County School district were recognized for their creative writing pieces in the fellowship hall at Madison First Baptist Church. Students received awards in a special ceremony emceed by Superintendent Doug Brown. Kids were all smiles as they proudly accepted their medals and proved that Madison's young minds are creative, intelligent and capable of greatness. For Kindergarten, Harper Bass received a gold medal; Camie Adee, silver; Anna Grace Bell and JonTravis Plummer received bronze. For First Grade, Caitlyn Schreiber won gold; Vincent Sanders, silver; and Hafetha Ayyad and Addison Webb took home bronze. In the Second Grade division, Aryana Hankins received the gold medal; Hafitha Ayyad, silver; and Zabian Johnson and Anthony Schreiber, bronze. For Third Grade, J'Nariez Miller won the gold; Aiden Burnett won silver, and Arely Serrano and Makayla Blanton received bronze. The Fourth Grade winners included Ethan Meyers, gold; Avionna Ware, silver; and Stephanie Hasty and Zar'Reyon McDaniel, bronze. Fifth Grade winners include Jessica Hasty, gold; Dakayla Hopkins, silver; and Taylen Parrish-Fagin and Davey Wood, bronze. Sixth Grade winners include Essence Thomas, gold; Molly Buchanan, silver and Cassidy Evans, bronze. Seventh grade winners include Kayte Martinez, who grabbed the gold; Hope Underhill, with silver and Elizabeth Halterman, bronze. For Eighth Grade, Journey Aust won gold, Allison Buchanan, silver and Summer Blair, bronze. For Ninth through Twelfth Grades, Anna Collins was awarded the gold medal, Sarah Kauffman grabbed silver and Montoya Brown was awarded bronze. Overall winners included Aryana Hankins for the K through 2nd Grade Division, Jessica Hasty won the 3rd through 5th Grade Division, Journey Aust won the 6th through 8th Grade Division and Anna Collins won the 9th through 12th Grade Division. Each division winner was awarded a trophy.

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1. Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo By Savannah Reams, May 27, 2015. On Wednesday, May 27, students within the Madison County School district were recognized for their achievements in creative writing. Above, students in attendance proudly display their awards.

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