Student Of The Week: Gabe Gamalero

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Gabe Gamalero, a polite fourth grader at Madison Academy who knows how to give a proper handshake, is this week’s Student of the Week. Gabe said what he likes about school is that it’s a place where you can study life lessons, and History, which is his favorite subject. He likes History because it’s “learning about what has happened over the years in this country and in other countries.”
Gabe has all “A’s” in his subjects except for one, which he says is a “high ‘B.’” His least favorite subject is Handwriting, which he says “explains his “B” grade.” When he graduates college, Gabe wants to be either a Civil Engineer or Marine Biologist.
When not in school, Gabe enjoys playing basketball and baseball and on weekends, he hunts with his dad or fishes with his family. Gabe owns an air gun and says he has asked his dad for a more powerful gun for when they go deer hunting, but so far hasn’t been able to get one.
Willy Gamalero and Melissa Driggers-Gamalero are Gabe’s parents and he has one younger brother, Ben, who is seven years old. Gabe said he
doesn’t have a pet right now, but that his mother, brother and himself want a Dachshund-Yorkie mix, but said his dad doesn’t want another “hot dog” and prefers to have a Yorkie-Poo. Gabe admits that his “dream dog” would be a Golden Retriever. The dog is Gabe’s favorite land animal and his favorite water animal is the shark, which he said fascinates him and that he was able to see in person when his family visited the Atlanta aquarium.
A firm “one pump” handshake and a “thank you” and Gabe was off, back to his room to continue the study in one of his “A” classes, Spanish.
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Rose Klein

Written by Rose Klein