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Student artwork displayed at Capitol

John Willoughby: Greene Publishing, Inc.

The artwork of three Madison Creative Arts Academy (MCAA) students is currently on display at Florida's Capitol.

Throughout 2018, the Museum has committed to commemorate 40 years of Florida’s Capitol Complex. In 1978, the vision for the Capitol included both a monument to the state’s history and a soaring new tower, which now holds the governing offices, to represent the modern and progressive Florida of the present and future. As the Capitol Hill explored the architectural, artistic, and legislative decisions that led to this new landscape for Florida’s Capital city, they invited fifth graders from across Florida to reflect with them.

“The state contacted us with a contest in which fifth grade students statewide were asked to draw what they thought the Capitol Building would look like in 60 years,” said Lacey Smith, a MCAA instructor. “The students were shown photographs of the changes made to the Capitol Building since it was first built, and we discussed those changes prior to them making their drawings. The kids made some pretty imaginative drawings.”

Photo Courtesy of Florida Historic Capitol Museum
Dixie Phillips' colorful representation caught the eyes of MCAA faculty and is now being displayed at Florida's historic Capitol building.
Photo courtesy of Florida Historic Capitol Museum Emma Thompson revised Florida's Capitol with plenty of outside greenery with beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling inside the building.
Photo courtesy of Florida Historic Capitol Museum
From an aerial view, Loring St. John put a unique and modern spin on what she thinks Florida's Capitol will look like in 2058. Check out the helipad at the top of the Capitol tower.

The project was open to all school districts, private schools, and charter schools. Participating schools sent their top three choices. Schools were contacted in the fall and submissions were due by Thanksgiving break of 2017. The artwork was installed on Monday, Jan. 15, and the exhibit opened on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

This exhibit showcases the creativity and talents of these fifth grade students. The artwork was chosen by MCAA faculty. The students whose work is currently being displayed are: Dixie Phillips, Loring St. John, and Emma Thompson. Each piece of work displays the response to the main question: What do you think Florida's Capitol will look like in 2058?

The exhibit will be open until Tuesday, May 1.

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