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Strickland releases first album

       Mickey Starling: Greene Publishing, Inc.

Madison native Tara Strickland never set out to make music. The 2007 graduate of Madison County High School (MCHS) was more into sports, playing softball for the Cowgirls and going on to play for two more years, while in college. Strickland is presently contracted as an ER Nurse Practitioner, serving several hospitals in Jacksonville.

In the midst of all of her studies, Strickland had been writing songs over the past ten years, which were a direct result of her deepening faith. Strickland became a Christian at the age of nine, but didn't begin taking her relationship with the Lord seriously until she was in her twenties. "I had leaned on the idea of needing a savior, but I didn't walk truly and intimately with Jesus as my Lord," said Strickland. "I knew I was saved, but I just lacked that intimacy; that overarching purpose of living a surrendered life, with Christ at the forefront."

The path to producing "Resonate," her first album, started taking shape in 2018, while Strickland was studying the Prayer of Jabez. "I got really convicted, really heavy-hearted," said Strickland. "While studying, I realized that if we're not reaching for goals that are guaranteed to fail unless God steps in, then we're not looking to the cross. That reality resonated with me. Here I was, seemingly accomplished, feeling content in my career and newly married state and yet, what I did yesterday still seemed big today—so I started praying."

Though Strickland had no idea how God was going to "enlarge her tent" and increase her influence in spreading the Gospel, she stepped out in faith. This required ignoring many fears and doubts as to whether she could succeed. Beginning with one song, Strickland researched her way through the uncharted waters of music production and within seven months, she had a finished product.

Strickland wrote 10 of the 11 songs on the album and they are a mix of reflections taken from the Bible and personal stories and testimonies. Strickland's voice is soulful, similar in quality to Lauren Daigle. The lyrics on this album are not fluffy or superficial. They deal with the issues we all face and some we don't like to admit, like pride.

There are numerous ways to get your hands on Strickland's first release. You can purchase the album through her website,, or download songs through Spotify, iTunes and most other streaming services.

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