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Spirit of America across Florida

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"Spirit of America across Florida" was celebrated right here in Madison by our local members of the Republican Club and Executive Committee. This rally was organized by the Chairman of the Madison Republican Executive Committee, Bob Bezick. Volunteers stood along Hwy 90 waving signs and hands to passersby at Confederates Park (Four Freedoms Park) to show their support for our President, Donald J. Trump. The sign waving and people greeting is being celebrated across our state to show solidarity and backing of our President in a fun and safe manner.  The Republican volunteers received many signs of support and agreement by numerous thumbs up, horn blowing, and shouts of "Go, Trump!" from drivers and pedestrians.  It was a welcome sight to behold seeing people come together to support this great nation and its President, Donald J. Trump.  This weekend, Florida will again celebrate with other rallies across our state with, "March 4 Trump" on, Saturday, March 4. Look for a site near you.

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Shown greeting people and handing out Constitutions, bumper stickers, and signs, front left to right, are: Madison County REC members Linda Bezick, Stanley McClain, and JP Maultsby.
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