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South Florida band wins competition, hails from Madison

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Two musicians who met and developed their musical talents in Madison are members of a band that just won first place at the SoFlo Battle of the Bands. Noah Prescott, who plays bass, and Tom

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Tom Kelley (left) and Noah Prescott (right) met and developed their musical talent in Madison. Their band, Space Coast Ghosts, recently won first place in the SoFlo Battle of the Bands competition.

Kelley, who is a genius on the drums, are members of the band Space Coast Ghosts. The two met on their first day of work at Hungry Howie's in Madison. Prescott's parents, Bob and Nancy Moral live in Lee and Kelley's father Thomas, who travelled to south Florida to watch the competition, lives in Madison. The pair played with other local musicians at Kelley's residence, a small cabin off of Rocky Ford Rd. that barely accommodated a drum set, several amplifiers, an electric piano, and a variety of bass, acoustic, and electric guitars. Prescott's first bass was a simple black Peavey, donated by Lorena Kelley, drummer Kelley's grandmother. While in Madison, they called themselves the Dirty Sheets. In 2012, the pair loaded Prescott's car with the bass and drum set, and set off to South Florida with only $25 between them.

Fast forward five years and their band is making waves in the South Florida music scene, with a Battle of the Bands win to be proud of. The competition saw 130 bands submit photographs and videos online to enter. Twenty bands were chosen to compete online and be voted for into the top four. The final night of the competition featured a live performance by the four bands at the Kelsey Theater in Lake Park, Fl., where Space Coast Ghosts performed before winning first place.

Thomas Kelley, the father of drummer Tom Kelley, made the 12 hour round trip drive to the event. “It was incredible,” said Kelley, “and totally worth the trip! To me, this was the culmination of everything they've been working toward, and they beat out three really good bands.”

Prescott and Kelley met the other members of Space Coast Ghosts amidst the south Florida music scene, particularly in West Palm Beach. The group defines their sound as a rock/reggae/hip-hop mashup. Prescott and Kelley, along with Logan Cyr (lead guitar and vocals), Rocky Rucker (rhythm and lead guitar), and Danny “Beat Thief” Wander (DJ), are the five members of Space Coast Ghosts. Two of the five members have jobs outside of the band. The other three are full time musicians, a testament to their success.

“Its not always easy,” drummer Kelley said, “but I've got the peace of mind now that we're making it, and I don't have to work all day at a random job to be able to play music.”

The group has an exciting summer coming up, with a tour to include Surrounded by Sound Music and Arts Festival in Longcreek, S.C., and various shows throughout Florida. They are also preparing for the release of a new extended play album (EP), which was produced by Psycochemistry Studios. An EP is longer than a single but shorter than a full-length album, and is specifically designed to raise awareness of a band's talent. The group only plays 100 percent original music. Digital downloads of the EP and options to purchase the physical copy will be available on their website The band also has a content-filled Facebook page.

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