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Six NFC students step up as campus leaders

North Florida College


North Florida College (NFC) is proud to recognize six students selected to lead the North Florida College Student Government Association (SGA) as officers and senators for the 2019-2020 academic year. The leaders include: Diana Carrier, President; John Williams, Vice President for Campus Relations and Activities; Jose Gomez, Vice President for Promotions; Seth Land, Treasurer; Erin Taylor, Secretary; and Savannah Brady, Senator for Civic and Governmental Engagement.

NFC honored the students with an inauguration ceremony on Monday, Nov. 18, in the NFC Student Center. "This is a special evening that marks the commitment that these student leaders have shown through their service to enhance the mission of the College," said Denise Bell, NFC Student Services Coordinator. "This group of student leaders has been selected based on their enthusiasm, leadership and desire to make NFC an even finer school for the students who are here now and for those who will come in the years ahead."

SGA Vice President Jose Gomez shared the SGA mission with his peers and guests. "Members of the Student Government Association are connected through their vision to 'Protect, serve, unite and enhance the Sentinel experience.' It is the mission of SGA to revive the Sentinel experience of every student at NFC through service, campus activities, civic engagement and awareness."

Kay Hogan, NFC Dean of Enrollment and Student Services then officially inducted the new SGA officers and senators, inviting them to recite the SGA oath and presenting each with NFC pins. The ceremony honors the commitment of SGA members and the important roles they serve on the NFC campus. The event concluded with guest speaker and NFC Director of Advising, Recruitment and Retention Philip Wilkerson applauding the students for stepping up as leaders on campus. He encouraged them to inspire their fellow students through service leadership and to serve with integrity.

"Mr. Wilkerson, thank you for your remarks, your encouragement, and your wisdom," said SGA President Diana Carrier. "SGA Officers and Senators, I look forward to finishing a great year with you."

The Student Government Association of North Florida College is comprised of first year and returning students who aspire to serve their peers through leadership. For more information, contact Denise Bell at (850) 973-9481 or More information is also available at

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