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Sheriff’s Office Release Concerning Officer Impersonation Report

This Car/Man Is Not A Threat

Sheriff Ben Stewart in response to recent social media postings regarding Bert Waldrep alleging that he had been stopped by someone impersonating an officer. This event is being investigating as a false report. The reporting of such an incident is very misleading creating an unfounded fear for citizens in Madison County. The following is a detailed description of the event that led to Bert Waldrep making such report:

On Friday at 3:07 p.m., the Madison County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center received a 911 call from an individual that clearly identified himself as Samuel Dell and further explained that he was a jailer employed with Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office. Dell reported that he was observing Bert Waldrep, an individual known to him, and that he was driving with a suspended license. Dell further provided a description of the vehicle being driven, direction of travel and left his information to be re-contacted if needed. The Communications Center dispatched the information to officers on duty. Officers communicated with Dell regarding the whereabouts of Waldrep but Dell had lost contact with Waldrep as he was conducting personal business at a local bank. Deputies communicated with Dell that if he observed Waldrep again to please let them know. Dell, again while returning home observed Waldrep and notified the deputy via cell phone and continued traveling home. Dell soon thereafter noticed that he was being followed by Waldrep and chose to stop at the BootHill Riders club at which Waldrep did as well. Waldrep approached Dell and his passengers and question them regarding him being photographed. Dell in turn questioned Waldrep as to why he was driving with suspended license and further informed Waldrep that a deputy was en route to arrest him. Waldrep immediately departed before officers arrived.   

At 4:19 p.m., the Madison County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center received a second 911 call related to the previous from Bert Waldrep that clearly identified himself and requested to speak with a deputy concerning a confrontation he had with a Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office person that had threatened to arrest him for driving without a license.

At 4:50 p.m., officers met with this complainant and learned that the incident had taken place within the Madison Police Departments jurisdiction and forwarded the subject to the Police Department to file their report.

At 5:25 p.m., Bert Waldrep reported the confrontation to the Madison Police Department where a report was completed. Waldrep disclosed during this report that it was himself in fact that stopped and confronted Dell and learned that Dell had reported Waldrep to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. Waldrep further disclosed that Dell advised him that he was waiting on the Sheriff’s Office to arrest him for driving without a license. Waldrep refused to wait and departed without further incident.

Sheriff Stewart further comments that it should be noted that there has been no reports of Samuel Dell or his vehicle conducting traffic stops in or around Madison County, specifically the Pinetta area.   

It has been further determined in this case that Waldrep was more than familiar with Dell and in fact they are known to each other through mutual current and past acquaintances. This particular situation was a hoax and being investigated as a false report.    

Sheriff Stewart encourages all citizens to please contact any member of the Sheriff’s Office to prove or dispel such allegation with considerations of the impact it may have on other innocent individuals in our community.

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