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Serious injuries after rollover

Four individuals were involved in a single rollover off the interstate on Monday, June 13.

Around 3:55 p.m., Miranda Kent, 27, of Lake Butler, Fl., was traveling eastbound in the outside lane of Interstate 10.

With Kent was passengers Teesha Randolph, 25, of Starke, Fl.; Christina Williams, 31, of Lake Butler, Fl. and Karen Moorhous, 58, of Lawtey, Fl.

The left rear tire of the 2005 Ford E150 van suddenly experienced either a malfunction or a blow out and the unexpected pull from the tire caused the vehicle to enter the northern median of I-10.

According to FHP reports, Kent reacted to the sudden veer to the left by pulling hard at the steering wheel and overcorrecting to the right.  The van traveled across both of the eastbound lanes and onto the southern shoulder of the roadway; failed to come to a stop once it moved onto the shoulder, the van continued to move in a southeasterly direction until it passed over a culvert.

The Ford van made its course down into the wooded and muddied area beyond the culvert, where it rolled over onto its roof, trapping some of the occupants inside.

Florida Highway Patrol, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, Madison County EMS and Madison Fire Rescue all attended the wreck.

During the wreck, Kent and Williams received minor injuries and Moorhous was, according to the report issued by FHP, unscathed by the crash.  However, 25-year-old Randolph was reported to have sustained serious injuries and was transported to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital.

No traffic violation charges were issued as of the date of the report.

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