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Search crime in your neighborhood with CrimeMapping

Sheriff Ben Stewart announces the Madison County Sheriff’s Office most recent effort to help reduce crime and further strengthen local community oriented policing efforts. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) just recently went live at is a nationwide public mapping service that allows residents to analyze interactive maps of recent criminal activity. interfaces with Madison County GIS addressing for countywide mapping purposes. To obtain the most accurate service, it is very important for all citizens to have their correct address listed with the County GIS mapping as well as report the same address to officers receiving reports of criminal activity. To make sure you have the correct address listed, call the Madison County Addressing Office at (850) 973-1451.

It is important for victims and/or complainants to know that their identity and exact address will not be listed on the site. An example would be if a crime was reported at 123 Simple Street, the site would only indicate the date the crime was reported at the 100 block of the street name with the agency’s case number. does not capture all criminal activity and/or arrest but rather major criminal activity and/or arrest. The criminal activity captured is listed on their site. Visitors to the site can generate reports, search by location and filter different time periods as well as crime types. As of right now, only crimes that are reported to the MCSO appear on this website. Crimes that occur within the city limits will not be available on Keeping the public informed has been proven effective as a crime fighting strategy and MCSO is proactively sharing information with the residents of Madison County.

Crime alerts are one of the most popular features at Residents can register online to receive free updates via email whenever a new crime activity occurs in their area. Users choose the distance as well as crimes they wish to stay informed about. A single user can register multiple times in order to learn about activity occurring near their residence, place of business or even their child’s school of attendance. The information posted is always current as data is uploaded to the system every 24 hours. Madison County residents have been empowered with valuable and timely information through the efforts of MCSO. This most recent effort of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office is fully funded by the Sheriff’s Office and offered as a free service to the public. Sheriff Stewart concludes that this service will continue to promote transparency and trust through expanding the channels of communication between the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and the public they serve.

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