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Seabrooks, Catron and Thompson win local elections

Tuesday, March 15 was Election Day for Madison County.  Citizens gathered at the polling places within the county to vote in the presidential primary as well as for the multiple local seats that were up for election.

It was a close election between some of the candidates and a landslide for others.

All put together, it was an intense vote of contest between the many candidates that were up for election or re-election for their seats on commissions or councils.

The outcome of the polls of March 15 for the City Commissioner for the City of Madison District 2 was Ina Thompson with 89 votes or 63.12 percent of the voters.  Running up against Thompson was Inez Bennett, who received 52 votes or 36.88 percent of the voters.

The competition for the seat of City Commissioner for the City of Madison District 3 was a fervent one.  The position was between its previous holder, Jim Catron, and his opponite Paul Cucinella. When all votes were counted, Catron won out with 67 votes or 56.78 percent of the voters.   Cucinella, however, was not far behind with 51 votes or 43.22 percent of the voters.

Moving on to Greenville, where the Town Council seat for District 5 was up for election or re-election, Alphonso Young, the previous District 5 seat holder, was up against newcomer Brandi Seabrooks.

Contrary to Catron and Cucinella, Young was upset by Seabrooks as she took the seat with 109 votes or 61.58 percent of the voters.  Young claimed 68 votes or 38.42 percent of voters.

Catron and Thompson will be sworn back into their positions as City Commissioners for Ward 2 and Ward 3 during a special City Commission meeting on Tuesday, March 22.   The meeting will be held at the city commission’s usual meeting place at City Hall at 5:30 p.m.

Seabrooks will be sworn into office at the Monday, April 11 meeting of the Greenville Town Council at 6 p.m.  The council meets at the Greenville Town Hall, located at 154 SW Old Mission Ave. in Greenville.

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Brandi Seabrooks

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Jim Catron

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Ina Thompson

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