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School Board meeting round-up

The Madison County School Board gathered on Tuesday, Dec. 1 for their regular meeting at 6 p.m. The evening began with a short presentation by the Florida Department of Transportation. Because young drivers are especially at risk, FDOT wants to team up with the district school board to educate the youth and promote safe driving. After the presentation, VeEtta Hagan called up Deborah Glee for public input. Glee informed the board that there were some concerns with the after school tutoring program. After class, there was no administrator present as the kids in the tutoring program waited for the program to start at 3:30 p.m. The children were left unattended, and many parents called due to uncertainty about whether or not their child was present. Glee announced that this was the first year of tutoring with an administrator, and she is the secretary who usually helps out during the tutoring; however, Glee expressed that there needs to be someone with the children before tutoring begins. The board agreed to look into solutions and approved the motion to give the secretary an hour extension on her work day. There were no staff trips, so the board approved five out-of-county school trips, and the sale of the combination oven to Hamilton County was also approved. The oven is up for sale for $4,500. Superintendent Doug Brown moved on to the next item, the Student Progression Plan, and announced that it was up for advertising and a public hearing would be held on Dec. 15. The School Improvement Plans were approved, with three voting for and two voting against. All of the seven screen school volunteers presented by Willie Williams were all approved, as well as the personnel changes. There were no staffing table revisions or advertisement of non-instructional positions up for discussion. To conclude the meeting, Brown informed the board that construction is continuing and at the next meeting he will give a tour through pictures. Brown also finished off the meeting with the announcement that two students escaped Department of Juvenile Justice and enrollment was closed due to the issue. The students were taken care of quickly and returned to the school, according to Brown. There were also five students at Excel who were arrested after a fight broke out early in the morning. The meeting was adjourned after much discussion about the arrests. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, Dec. 15.

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