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School Board hears concerns over school nurses

Rick Patrick: Greene Publishing, Inc.

During the regular meeting of the Madison County School Board on Monday, Feb. 6, the Board heard from a parent of a Lee Elementary School student regarding school nurse staffing. This parent expressed concern that her son is subject to seizures, and there is only a nurse at the school on a part-time basis. The School Board has an interagency contract with the Madison County Department of Health to provide nursing care to the schools. Additional staff is scheduled to come on board with the school system, and training could be provided to school staff on how to handle certain situations such as seizures, etc., if needed.

In other business, the school board passed the consent agenda, which included minutes from previous meetings, the School Improvement Grant Amendment number six; an agreement to participate in the multi-district program for the visually impaired; Carl Perkins CTE, Secondary Section 131 Amendment number one; School Improvement Grant amendment four; Title I School Improvement Grant Initiative, Title II, Part A amendment number one; non-general fund staff trips to the Southeast Blended Learning Symposium in Orlando, the 21st International Self-directed Learning Symposium in Cocoa Beach, and the ASCD Empower 17 meeting in Anaheim, Ca. Out of county student trips to Wiregrass Technical College in Valdosta for the allied health students was approved. A trip to the Duke Energy solar plant in Perry was approved for the energy and power students. The trip for the Madison County High School (MCHS) journalism class to WTXL-TV in Midway was approved. The trip to the FHSAA Class 1A Basketball Playoffs in Lakeland (if necessary) for the MCHS Boys' Basketball team was approved. The trip for the MCHS Science Fair participants to the Suwannee Valley Regional Science Fair in Lake City was approved.

Lori Newman provided the board with an update on the Uniform Grant Guidance workshop that several employees attended in Jacksonville.

Two students from Jefferson County were allowed to transfer to Greenville Elementary School.

The job description for the Supervisor of Food Services was discussed. This item had been workshopped on Jan. 24 and was edited at that time. The board voted to approve the job description as edited from the workshop meeting.

Discussion was then held concerning the contract for the interim food services coordinator. This contract would allow for an additional 480 hours to be used prior to May 5. A motion to approve the contract was passed 4-1, with VeEtta Hagan casting the dissenting vote.

Next a motion to approve the contract for the interim financial assistant was made. This contract would allow for the assistant not to exceed 212 hours, and would end June 30. The motion carried on a 4-1 vote, again with Hagan casting the dissenting vote.

The board heard information regarding the MCHS renovation project. Approval of the finalization of the project was passed.

A quote for a new sound system for the School Board meeting room was accepted. The cost for the new sound system is $5,995. A new Peavey ESCORT 3000 sound system for Greenville Elementary School was also approved at a cost of $539.

A total of 28 screened school volunteers were approved. Four employee resignations were accepted. Two instructional employee recommendations were accepted.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Karen Pickles informed the board that the STEM students will be attending the movie Hidden Figures in Valdosta. The management of the Valdosta Stadium 16 movie theater will make arrangements for a special screening of the movie for the students.

Due to a scheduling conflict the next regular meeting of the Madison County District School Board was moved to Thursday, Feb. 23, at 6 p.m. A workshop meeting will be held at 5 p.m. on that same afternoon.

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