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School Board denies school transfer request

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The Madison County School Board held their regular bi-weekly on Tuesday, Oct. 18. After calling the meeting to order and having a prayer and pledge to the flag, School Board Chairwoman VeEtta Hagan asked for any public comment. There were no comments made by the public.

Next the board voted on the items which were recommended for approval collectively by consent. These items included minutes from previous meetings, a joint use agreement with Madison Creative Arts Academy, PAEC ESE add-on endorsement for severe and profound disabilities and autism, the parental involvement plan; Title I, Part D-Amendment 1; the School Improvement Grant (SIG), Section 1003 (g), the district instructional leadership and faculty development grant, school improvement plans, GED requests, and non-general fund staff trips. These passed unanimously without discussion.

The board then considered items recommended for individual consideration. Staff trips out of the general fund were passed unanimously. There were no student trips out of county to be considered. There was one school zone transfer request. The mother of one child was requesting a transfer from Madison County Central School (MCCS) to Lee Elementary School (LES). The reason stated by the parent was due to class size. Superintendent Brown informed the board that there was only one student difference in the size of the class the student was in at MCCS and the class to which the student wanted to transfer. The request was denied by a unanimous vote. Permission to advertise for a private provider for Department of Juvenile Justice instructional services was postponed until the contract was ready. Superintendent Brown spoke about the data review and informed the board that there are a total of 2,805 students enrolled in all Madison County schools, which is an increase over last year. Brown announced that there is a cookie dough fundraiser taking place at LES. An approval of approximately 70 screened school volunteers was passed unanimously. Personnel changes and a salary table adjustment was passed unanimously.

Before the meeting was adjourned, Superintendent Brown praised the MCHS student body for a good Homecoming parade. He commended the Student Government Association for a job well done.

The next scheduled meeting of the Madison County School Board will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 1, at 6 p.m.

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