School Board Approves Extra Hours

By Lynette Norris
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At the end of the school year, there are streams of data to collate and lots of loose ends to tie up to finish off one school year and get ready for the next one, and that usually means a few school staff members need to stay on for a few extra days to do all that.
At a previous school board meeting on Feb. 4, the school board was faced with a tight budget and the question of the most cost-efficient means of paying for the extra hours.  Would it be better to pay an hourly rate, or simply extend the contracts for the staff members another month into the summer?  It was hard to say without a cost analysis, so the board agreed to table the matter until the Feb. 18 meeting, when Chief Financial Officer Ray Griffin would have had time to prepare one.
At the Feb. 18 meeting, Griffin’s cost analysis showed clearly that the best way was the hourly rate; even allowing for the district’s required payroll taxes, retirement contributions and other fees that would still have to be included, the hourly rate was less expensive by about $10,000.  The employees needed only 1060 extra hours to get the job done, and extending the contract would require them to put in 1500 hours in order to fulfill their contract.  Once they finished their tasks, they would have to find other tasks to perform until their extended month was up.
The board approved the extra hours at the hourly rate.

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