Scam Alert

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart wants all citizens to be aware of the most recent “SCAM” occurring throughout Madison and surrounding counties.

Citizens are receiving phone calls from individuals identifying themselves as Deputy Sheriff’s. The “Scammer” goes into detail with badge number, case numbers, etc… and explains that warrant for the citizen’s arrest has been issued and if the citizen does not follow the “SCAMMERS” instruction he will come and make the arrest.  The “SCAMMER” then instructs the citizen to go to Walmart, CVS or other available retail establishment and purchase a “Pay-Pal Money Pack Card” in a given amount of currency and remit payment to whomever the “SCAMMER” identifies himself as and a phone number (the most recent was “Martin at 850-464-7754). The “SCAMMER” explains that this will allow for all bonding fees or additional cost to be waved.

Sheriff Stewart concludes that this is in no way a form or fashion of a practice that any Law Enforcement Agency utilizes and furthermore has no authority to conduct such transactions.

These case activities are currently under investigation in Madison and surrounding Counties and if you feel that you have been a victim of such activity or even an attempt, please contact the Sheriff’s Office with any additional information at 850-973-4001.

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