Saved By Scott!

We were saved from a “State Exchange” by Gov. Rick Scott. A “State Exchange?” Yes. That was to be the agency to implement OBAMA CARE. Obama Care was to be set up on a Federal basis, but states were enabled to opt out if they wanted to run their own program. States like Maryland, Minnesota and Oregon, established their own state exchanges. These home grown exchanges have all been plagued by technological problems that have kept customers unhappy and enrollment goals unmet. They are running closely behind the failed federal online insurance exchange. Everyone that’s associated with the consequences of this terrible law, including the state legislators who created these exchanges, and the governors in charge of running them, are running scared. Governor Scott, and the Florida Legislature, disapproved of a state exchange last Spring. At a State Senate public hearing on the issue, over 300 participants showed up, and of those, virtually two thirds voiced opposition. The opposition was led by Mrs. KrisAnne Hall, of Live Oak. It was a sight to behold. Mrs. Hall was allowed five minutes to speak, as were all the participants. But as she used up her five minutes, different people in the audience piped up and gave her their five minutes. The Committee Chairman, however, would allow her only one half hour, of those gifts of other people’s “five minutes,” to fully explain why Florida would not benefit from such an exchange. It was beautiful to see such citizenship in action. Mrs. Hall held the Committee spellbound with her exposition and knowledge about the act and its ramifications. Talk about: “I told you so.” She set the tone and, really, the State Senate Committee, just tore into the very idea of the State Exchanges. It never had a chance, there after. And as the March 31 enrollment deadline nears, panic is being shown by those States which established the exchanges, as well as at the federal level. President Barack Obama’s health care law has hurt his approval rating and put congressional Democrats on the defensive. Madison County’s delegation to the State Legislature did us proud, on this issue. We have two State Senators, Charles Dean, from Inverness, who voted against establishing a State Exchange. Bill Montford, of Tallahassee, on the other hand, voted to establish it. Our member of the House, Halsey Beshears, of Monticello, voted against setting up the exchange. Other States have had to learn the hard way, about Obama Care and state exchanges. There is a lot of disillusionment in States, like Hawaii, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon and Maryland. Their governors, all up for re-election, are going to have a rough time. They bought off-the-shelf software, and hired wonder boy outfits for installation. And then, they stood back and wondered what went wrong. Thank you, KrisAnne, for telling our Legislature what they would be facing, and for giving those who need health care, a break!

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