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Save Box Tops for your school

Did you know that hundreds of products have Box Tops on them and that little piece of paper is worth 10 cents to schools? Box Tops for Education is one of America’s largest school earning programs that gives money to schools to use however the school sees fit for every Box Top that the school turns in. Since Box Tops for Education launched in 1996, over $525 million has been contributed to participating schools. Madison County Central, Greenville Elementary, Lee Elementary, Pinetta Elementary, Madison Academy and New Testament Christian Schools in Madison County collects Box Tops and the money they earn for their school depends on how many Box Tops they can collect and turn in. They can use it for anything from new playground equipment to incentives for the students to score well on standardized tests. If you would like to help the schools in Madison earn as much money as they can, start collecting those Box Tops that are on everything from cereal to clothing. Then you can send the Box Tops you have collected with a student you know or just drop them off at the front office of the school you choose. You could also mail them to the school.

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