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S.T.O.P. holds fish fry

Greene Publishing, Inc. Photo By Kelly Greene, October 28, 2016

S.T.O.P., which is an acronym for Stop Tormenting Our Peers, is an anti-bullying group founded by Latonia Roberson. The anti-bullying group held a fish fry on Friday, Oct. 28 on the courthouse lawn. The group's founder and volunteers who helped with the fish fry preparations, shown from left to right, are: LaQuesha Ward, Courtney Ward, Josh Akin, Sr., LaTonia Roberson, founder of S.T.O.P., Travis Adams, and Charles Bell, Sr.

Kelly Greene - Greene Publishing, Inc.

On Friday, Oct. 28., the anti-bullying group founded by LaTonia Roberson, S.T.O.P., which is an acronym for Stop Tormenting Our Peers, held a fish fry on the courthouse lawn. The group sold plates for $7 a piece and single sandwiches for $5 a piece, raising $352 for their cause.

Roberson has the desire to take the anti-bullying message into the local schools and to the Boys and Girls Club, in Madison, which requires the volunteers to have a federal background check and be fingerprinted. According to Roberson, proceeds from the fish fry will allow three of the volunteers to fulfill this requirement.

Roberson created the anti-bullying group last year because her 13-year-old daughter was being bullied to the point that the young girl was contemplating suicide.  After battling this for a year, Roberson decided enough was enough and began brainstorming ways she could make a difference.

From this agonizing battle, Stop Tormenting Our Peers (S.T.O.P) was born. Roberson designed the group to help other children struggling with issues which stem from being bullied and to put an end to bullying.  She also wanted to show the victims they are not alone and someone cares about their situation.

Roberson rallies support from the local community to get involved and to allow their children to join them in their efforts to stop the bullying. “Madison is a small community and if we want to see change, we must take a stand and stop just talking the talk because our kids need us to be their voice of reason,” said Roberson.

Roberson went on to explain that her daughter is doing better, “The battle will never be over, however, we know that it doesn't belong to us it belongs to the Lord,” added Roberson. “Get involved in the change that will put an end to bullying.”

For more information or to join the group, contact: LaTonia Roberson by calling (850) 408-0099 or email her at, “We look forward to meeting new people and encouraging them to make a difference,” said Roberson.

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