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Royals win World Series: Local hailed as hero

After a 2014 loss in the World Series, Lorenzo Cain vowed that the team would come back “ready to go.” Cain, who was raised in Madison County, is clearly a man of his word. The Kansas City Royal played fiercely in the season and post-season, rocketing to the title of World Series Champions in only five games. The Royals played the New York Mets in only five of the scheduled seven games. Whichever team reaches four wins first in the almost back-to-back, grueling slate of games wins the championship. Kansas City allowed the Mets only one win in the post-season melee. In Game One, the Royals won 5-4; in Game Two, the Royals won 7-1; in Game Three, the Royals lost 3-9; in Game Four, the Royals came back to win 5-3; and in Game Five, the Royals won 7-2. The team has only one other World Series win in their history, which occurred in 1985.

They were able to compete in the World Series in 1980 and 2014, but lost both times. This year, they not only competed, they stomped the Mets into the diamond, ending the World Series early, making a bunch of commercial advertisers very sad due to lost air time, and even winning America breakfast at Taco Bell. Cain was instrumental in the breakfast part: during Game One, his second-base steal unlocked the “Steal a Base, Steal a Breakfast” promotion, where Taco Bells across America will be giving away free A.M. Crunchwraps on Nov. 5. When he stole that base, Cain reached an estimated 20.5 miles per hour, which most people will only experience behind the steering wheel of a car. Madison County residents are extremely proud of the gentle, humble outfielder, who got his start in baseball as a Madison County Cowboy in his sophomore year of high school. No statement has been received from Cain or his family, all of whom must be exhausted from the travel schedule of the World Series. Should Cain visit home, there is no doubt he will receive a “Royal” welcome.

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1. Lorenzo Cain

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